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Elody itself does not charge any fees, and will always be free, both for endusers and contributors.

In fact, contributors can actually earn money with Elody.

The contributors who upload software to Elody may choose if they want to charge money for their programs, or offer them for free.

Developers may either charge a fixed price, or rely on Elody to automatically package their software and combine it with other software, so that a fair price is determined automatically based on user feedback. They may also choose to offer different prices for different user groups, for example to make it free for students, but costly for companies.

As an enduser, you will only have to pay money to run a program if the contributor who uploaded it chose to charge money for it.

If the Open Source community is active and uploads plenty of software, then Elody will allow endusers to solve problems completely for free.

As a result, Elody will be able to solve most of your problems for free, and will also offer the ability to solve more complex problems for money. Endusers may choose to use only the free features, and can even instruct Elody not to offer any paid options at all.

There are no hidden fees on Elody. The programs that are offered for free help us to grow our userbase, while those programs that have a cost allow us to earn money by taking a cut. This money pays for our servers, and allows us to continue offering the open source software for free.


The ability for software contributors to charge money has not been implemented, yet.

We want to grow our userbase first, and focus entirely on offering excellent services for free. The above description is our plan for the future.