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This page lists some notable features of Elody that you may also be interested in and that haven't been mentioned, yet.

  • You can enable, disable and highlight Elody's chat input and file upload features with these Symbols: !scenario_chat_text_input_status and !scenario_chat_file_input_status.

    These input methods are separate from the input parameters that Options can ask for. Elody can display several Options at once, but the generic text input and file upload is either active or not.

    You can detect entered text and uploaded files by looking for the Tags ?user_input_command_file and ?user_input_uploaded_file.

  • It is possible to export and import objects from one Scenario to another. This can contain entire Tag structures, so arbitrary information can be shared between Scenarios in a systematic manner.

    For example: Contributors might upload programs that can analyze tabular data and export it. Other developers can then write Scenario Plans that use this already processed and annotated data so that their programs don't have to repeat the pre-processing steps.

    Exports are done using the Tag !export_object, and !scenario_chat_object_import_input_status is used to enable the user to import an object.

  • You have already seen that a message_component_html can access external websites. Programs can do the same. To enable internet access for Programs, include a file called DOMAINS.txt in the Docker Image and list the domains (just create the file in the same folder as the DESCRIPTION.txt file).

    Both in a message_component_html and in a DOMAINS.txt file, you can specify the special value 'full_internet_access' to request access to the entire internet instead of an individual domain.

    In a Scenario Plan, you can mark a user as "trusted with internet access". In addition to trusting all the Rules of that developer, this also means that Elody won't ask the user for permission before giving internet access to anything done by that developer. However, the Scenario Plan will now display a warning that you should only start it if you trust that user with your data.

  • All uploaded Programs can actually be called by other developers. A contributor who publishes a Program with a simple demonstration rule does not need to understand the intricacies of how Rules work, but if their Program is good enough it can still get picked up and used by other developers anyway.

    Once payment is implemented, they may even end up making money that way. (Elody will always leave it up to the developer who uploads the program whether or not they want to charge money for it.)

  • As Elody grows, contributors will add many useful general-purpose programs that can help to make your live easier. For example, the Tag task_get_user_feedback can be used to automate the process of getting feedback from endusers after they have used your program. It lets the enduser give written feedback, give ratings, or even send emails to their friends to advertise your program.

    You can use the forum or search the Symbols to find convenience functions like these.

  • All special Symbols used by Elody start with an exclamation mark (for giving commands) or a question mark (for getting information).

    You can have a look at all of these Symbols here and here to get an overview of what else is possible.