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Our legal documents can be found here:

We have been informed that there allegedly exist some individuals who do not read legal documents on websites, such as Terms and Conditions or License Agreements. We find it hard to believe that this is the case, since one usually has to tick a checkbox that says "I have read the Terms and Conditions", which means that they would have to be lying on the internet.

While we can of course not condone such immoral behavior as lying on the internet, we nevertheless want to make life easier for these people, assuming that they actually exist.

To this end, we have created abbreviated versions of some of our legal documents. This way, you can read the abbreviated version first, and if you find anything you disagree with, you don't have to bother reading the full document.

Obviously, if you do find the abbreviated version acceptable, you still have to read the full version afterwards. Otherwise you would be lying when you click "I have read the Terms and Conditions". And that would be wrong.