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How can I use Elody to solve my problems?

If you just want to use Elody to solve your problems, doing so is very simple:

  • Option 1:

    Select the Scenario Plan you want from the list and click the 'start' button. Elody will now talk you through the process.

    No download or installation is necessary.

    Scenario Plans can be created by Elody's employees, but they can also be created by unaffiliated developers, who can use our platform to make their software available for others.

  • Option 2:

    If you don't want to search for a predefined Scenario Plan, you can also talk to Elody directly, without selecting a Scenario Plan.

    To do so, click the button labeled "Try Elody" at the top of any page of this website.

    In this mode, Elody will ask you what you want to do and you can choose interactively.

    Note that this feature is still experimental: Since we are just starting out, it's currently better to use a fixed Scenario Plan than to ask Elody's general purpose chatbot. Proper text analysis will only be implemented once there are enough programs available. Until then, you can control Elody by clicking buttons to select what you want to do.

If you solve a problem using a Scenario Plan, the creator of the plan can choose which programs should be used, or they can choose to leave some decisions up to Elody. If you solve a problem using the general-purpose chat client, everything is decided by Elody.

What types of problems can Elody solve?

Elody can solve any problem for which contributors have uploaded a program.

It works for literally any problem that can be solved with software: from simple file conversion, to complex machine learning predictions, to ordering pizza from nearby restaurants.

Right now, we are only starting out and so our selection of programs is limited. We will put our initial focus on Data Science for small business. However, Contributors can feel free to upload any kind of program they want.

How can I upload my software to Elody?

If you want to upload software to Elody, you should keep reading this tutorial. It will teach you how to download a simple API that will allow you to upload your existing code to our server and make it available.

There are two main reasons you might want to upload your code:

  • You already have an existing program lying around and you want to make it more accessible to other people.

    Elody allows you to generate a link that anyone can click that will let them try your program directly from their browser. No downloads or installation will be necessary for them. This works by wrapping your code in a Scenario Plan.

    You can for example create such a link and put it on your github, which will allow people to test your programs much more easily.

    If this is all you want to do, it won't be much work. You only need to read this tutorial up to "Example 1: Creating a Demo".

  • You want to combine your programs with the programs of other developers.

    Elody provides a completely new way to combine programs with each other. It is modular and easy to extend.

    If you have a program that is only useful in conjunction with some other programs, you can use Elody to find those other programs for you.

    If your program is useful on its own, but covers a rare special case of a more general problem, then Elody can help you to make sure it gets used if and only if it is useful. Once integrated with the rest of the programs, Elody will use your program if that special case occurs, and will otherwise resort to a more generic program.

    In this way, Elody can become smart enough to cover even rare edge cases, without sacrificing general problem-solving ability.