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Elody is based on contributions by volunteers, just like Wikipedia, and is constantly being expanded.

Of course, this works a lot better if we know what features people want the most.

Tell us what you would like to see, and if enough people agree then we will implement it.

Requesting Features from Contributors

You can use this forum to request new features from Contributors, or to upvote existing ones.

Contributors are more likely to add features if they know that people really want them.

Later on, we plan to put bounties on the most requested features, so that Elody grows to solve exactly those problems that people need the most.

Don't forget to sign up, so that we can contact you once the feature has been added.

Reporting bugs and improving the platform

If you would like us to improve the platform itself, for example so that you can navigate it better, or contribute your code more effectively, you can report bugs and request improvements here:

Giving feedback

CLICK HERE to let us know what you think of Elody so far. All feedback is welcome and will help us to get better at solving your problems!