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How do I solve a problem?

If you just want to use Elody to solve your problems, doing so is extremely simple:

Just start a new Scenario using the 'Try it out!' button at the top of this page.

Once the Scenario has loaded, simply describe your problem using the text box on the left by entering relevant key words.
The website will now interactively walk you through your problem. It is controlled like a chatbot, except that you can also upload files and when necessary the website's responses can also include buttons and forms that you can use to enter more structured data.

(Note: This website is currently in Beta. Not many programs are available yet.)

See for a more detailed explanation and an example.

How does it work?

Any developer can upload their programs to our website.
The developers can specify formal rules that describe what their programs are useful for and when they should be used.
Together, all developers contributing to this platform form the Legion of Devs (LOD).

Whenever you start a Scenario and describe a problem, the website uses these rules to find the right programs to use to solve your problem. These programs are then automatically executed on our server and the results are presented to you.

Developers are able to create rules to connect their programs to each other. In this way, they can build systems of programs that are greater than the sum of their parts and can solve complex problems from many different domains. They may also create rules and programs that ask questions of the user, which makes whole system interactive so that it can better react to your needs.

The decision which rules to use is made by our AI Elody (from the acronym L.O.D, or Legion of Devs). Elody is a Gestalt Entity built from the contributions of all developers.

You can give ratings and feedback to the rules and programs that solved your problems. This feedback is used by Elody to make sure that good rules and programs are given priority over bad ones.

You can select parameters to tell Elody if you want to use only programs that are proven to work, or also try newer and more experimental ones.