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How do I solve a problem?

If you just want to use Elody to solve your problems, doing so is very simple:

Select the Scenario Plan you want from the list and click the 'start' button. Elody will now talk you through the process.

No download or installation is necessary.

Scenario Plans can be created by Elody's employees, but they can also be created by unaffiliated developers, who can use our platform to make their software available for others.

If you don't want to search for a predefined Scenario Plan, you can also talk to Elody directly, without selecting a Scenario Plan. To do so, click (this button). In this mode, Elody will ask you what you want to do and you can choose interactively. Note that this feature is still experimental: Since we are just starting out, it's currently better to use a fixed Scenario Plan than to ask Elody's general purpose chatbot.

How does it work?

Any developer can upload their programs to our platform, just like anyone can contribute to Wikipedia.
Together, all developers contributing to this platform form the Legion of Devs (LOD).

Developers are able to connect their programs to each other using formal rules. In this way, they can build systems of programs that are greater than the sum of their parts and can solve complex problems from many different domains.

The decision which rules to use is made by our AI Elody (from the acronym L.O.D, or Legion of Devs). Elody is built from the contributions of all developers.

You can give ratings and feedback to the rules and programs that solved your problems. This feedback is used by Elody to make sure that good rules and programs are given priority over bad ones.

In a Scenario Plan, the creator of the plan can choose which programs should be used, or they can choose to leave some decisions up to Elody. In the general-purpose chat client, everything is decided by Elody.

Much like Wikipedia is now better than any normal encyclopedia, Elody will eventually become more capable than any ordinary piece of software.