Symbol: task_data_cleansing_and_analysis_for_pandas
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Name: task_data_cleansing_and_analysis_for_pandas

Creator: by Florian_Dietz

Private: False

Defines a task to perform data cleansing on a pickled Python Pandas file while extracting information about the file's content into Tags.

The Pandas file should contain a DataFrame. All data should be in the DataFrame itself, not in the index.

Because data cleansing and analysis / data extraction are closely related and interdependent, both of these are combined into a single task.

The Program BasicDataCleansingAndAnalysisForPandas is intended to act as a control unit for this task.

Arguments of this Tag:
0 : The original file (note that this file may be replaced with updated versions in the course of the task).

Created: Jan. 8, 2019, 8:06 p.m.