Symbol: require_present_table_column_correlations_info
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Name: require_present_table_column_correlations_info

Creator: by Florian_Dietz

Private: False

Indicates for a task_present_table_for_pandas that a Message describing the correlations between the table's columns should be generated. This is separate from require_present_table_main_info.

When working on this requirement, bear in mind that the Messages for the columns should be created in the correct order. To ensure this, it helps to create the !offer Options in the order in which they should be executed and to give them all the same confidence. If you overwrite one of them, be sure to adjust the arguments and confidence of the replacement Option appropriately to ensure it executes at the right time.

Arguments of this tag:
0 : A task_present_table_for_pandas.
Arguments of !offer:
0 : This Tag.
1 : An Option that would generate a Message.
Arguments of !provide:
0 : This Tag.
1 : The Message.

Created: March 5, 2019, 8:59 p.m.