Symbol: hierarchy_for_task_selection_root
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Name: hierarchy_for_task_selection_root

Creator: by initial_tools

Private: False

This Symbol is used to define a hierarchically organized Menu that a user can click through.

This Symbol represents the root menu, and there is a similarly named Symbol for each submenu.
Developers can write rules that react to these Symbols in order to display their Programs to the user when doing so is appropriate.

The Symbol hierarchy_for_task_selection_currently_active is used to mark which part of the hierarchy is currently active.

The Rule Enable-hierarchy-for-task-selection-root creates a Tag with this Symbol when a Scenario starts.

The Rule Disable-hierarchy-for-task-selection-when-task-is-chosen nullifies hierarchy_for_task_selection_currently_active as soon as a task_ has been defined.

Note for contributors:
If you want your own Programs to show up at any point of this hierarchy, just write a short Rule similar to the ones used by other Features.

Created: Sept. 27, 2018, 3:16 p.m.