Symbol: debug_mode
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Name: debug_mode

Creator: by Florian_Dietz

Private: False

This Tag is used to indicate that the user is a programmer who is interested in seeing debugging information. The comment of this Tag indicates which programs/rules/options are supposed to create debugging messages by mentioning them by name, in a list separated by commas.

Use both leading and trailing commas to make accidental matches less likely:
The Tag's comment says \",NameOfProgram1,NameOfProgram2,...,\"
and the Program NameOfProgram1 checks for the presence of the string \",NameOfProgram1,\"

DO NOT make your Program or Rule react to this Tag without verifying that its name is mentioned in the comment. Otherwise you make debugging harder for other people, since they will get your debugging information along with their own.

Created: Jan. 11, 2019, 4:25 p.m.