Symbol: !set_status_message
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Name: !set_status_message

Creator: None (system-internal Symbol).

Private: False

This Tag is used to overwrite the status message Elody displays.
To do so, create a Tag with this symbol where the comment is the text you want to display.
If the comment is None, a default value is used instead that describes what the lod-executor is currently doing. If the comment is the empty string, no message is displayed.
Target this Tag with a !nullify Tag to deactivate it again. The last non-nullified !set_status_message will be the active one.

Note that this is related to !set_idle_message:
!set_idle_message is a normal Message that is generated when the user needs to do something, and it remains visible after they do.
!set_status_message is not a real Message object but a dummy that is displayed at the bottom of the Scenario so long as there aren't any active Options to choose from.