Symbol: !scenario_chat_text_input_status
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Name: !scenario_chat_text_input_status

Creator: None (system-internal Symbol).

Private: False

This Tag is used to enable, disable, or highlight the ability of users to enter text with the chat bar. The comment is composed of multiple parts, separated by hyphens, and defines the behavior.

Required value: 'disabled' or 'enabled'
Optional values, if enabled, need to be in correct order: 'once', 'highlighted'
Optional final value if enabled: 'text:<text>' where <text> is the text that will be displayed on the chatbar.
An example: 'enabled-once-text:Describe your problem'
This example will enable the chatbox once (for one usage) and ask the user to describe the problem. After the first time the user enters text, the !scenario_chat_text_input_status Tag will be ignored and the status will revert to the preceding one.

You can use !nullify to make Elody ignore a Tag of this type, so it will look at the previous one instead.
This Symbol is related to the Symbol !scenario_chat_file_input_status and !scenario_chat_object_import_input_status.