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Name Private Creator Description
require_open_ended_work NO Florian_Dietz Indicates an open-ended task. A requirement of this type should only be marked with !provide once all possible work has been done and every Rule, Option and Program has had a chance to contribute and is satisfied with the result. To make this easier, it is recommended to use a single, centralized Option that will mark this Tag with !provide when it executes but has low-confidence as well as role:excluded arguments that prevent it from running too early. Arguments of this Tag: 0 : A task_ Tag.
task_data_cleansing_and_analysis_for_pandas NO Florian_Dietz Defines a task to perform data cleansing on a pickled Python Pandas file while extracting information about the file's content into Tags. The Pandas file should contain a DataFrame. All data should be in the DataFrame itself, not in the index. Because data cleansing and analysis / data extraction are closely related and interdependent, both of these are combined into a single task. The Program [[program:BasicDataCleansingAndAnalysisForPandas]] is intended to act as a control unit for this task. Arguments of this Tag: 0 : The original file (note that this file may be replaced with updated versions in the course of the task).
demo_data_exploration NO Florian_Dietz Used to trigger [[rule:Demo-data-exploration]].
demo_data_exploration_using_example_file NO Florian_Dietz Used to trigger [[rule:Demo-data-exploration-using-example-file]].
?deactivated_automatically NO (system-internal) This is created along with [[symbol:!deactivate_rule_or_option]], targeting both that Tag and the Rule/Option, when a Rule/Option deactivates itself. This can happen because of a condition in its deactivate_if clause, or because it has 'repeat' == 'never'.
require_a_file NO initial_tools Indicates that a file is needed. Context and other tags define which kind of file. Arguments of this tag: 0 : a task_ tag Arguments of [[symbol:!provide]]: 0 : this tag 1 : the file
task_obtain_file_from_user NO initial_tools Used as a trigger to get other Rules and Programs to get the user to upload a file, or otherwise select a file to be used. Used with [[symbol:require_a_file]]. This task is useful as an intermediary for larger tasks, so you don't always have to write code for simple user interactions.
hierarchy_for_task_selection_root_miscellaneous_conversion NO initial_tools Used with [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_root]].
hierarchy_for_task_selection_root_miscellaneous NO initial_tools Used with [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_root]].
hierarchy_for_task_selection_root_datascience NO initial_tools Used with [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_root]].