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Scenario Plans

This page lets you browse all Scenario Plans that have been created by contributors.
For a list of official Scenario Plans created by Elody's own developers, see here.
Name Description Creator
Demo Jupyter: Continous Integration (CI) This is a demo identical to Jupyter-Matplotlib but it uses CI. ELC
Demo Jupyter: Multiple Notebooks In this Scenario the example 1 is used but with multiple notebooks thanks to NBFlow ELC
Demo Jupyter: Using Matplotlib ELC
Demo Jupyter: Using lod inside the notebook ELC
Demo Jupyter Integration This is a demo for the Jupyter Integration ELC
Investor example demo This is a demonstration for investors and other interested people. 1. If you just want to see a quick one-minute overview video, go here: You can also have a look at the pictures on our angel list profile here: 2. For a live demo, click the below button "Start the Scenario". Elody will run the following Github project on our server and present the results: This program is quite popular on Github. It allows the user to find usernames across social networks. (Depending on how many users we have right now, it may take a minute or so to run, because it contacts hundreds of websites.) We make it possible to run this program through our website, without downloading or installing anything. This simple tool alone drives ~200 users per day from Github to Elody, without any marketing on our part. Any contributor is able to define scenarios like this one, to... Florian_Dietz
Mask R-CNN Demonstrates the Mask R-CNN library, which allows the user to detect objects in images. This is based on the following Github project: This demonstration uses a pre-trained model based on Florian_Dietz
Sherlock Demonstrates the Sherlock library, which allows the user to find usernames across social networks. Florian_Dietz
File conversion Convert file types automatically. Can currently handle: CSV, Excel, Python Pandas pickle Florian_Dietz