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Scenario Plans

This page lets you browse all Scenario Plans that have been created by contributors.
For a list of official Scenario Plans created by Elody's own developers, see here.
Name Description Creator
(Tutorial) Hello World This Scenario Plan is part of the tutorial. Just clicking the start button of this plan will print "Hello World!". tutorial_developer_demo
Money spend This basically used to give the overall overview of the money spent information for the given time. needed Input 2 files. 1. Transactions file: contain all the bank transactions details for the given time. 2. Categories file: contains the categories which you needed in the pi-chart. Note: Sample input file formats are given during the execution of this plan and also available for the download also.
Hog Feature Detector It will basically detect the feature from the Image Using HOG Descriptor. Input argument is Image file
Demo of string reversal This program will reverse the given string.
Reverse a string It will reverse the given string.
Face Detection In Image It is used for detecting the face in image
computer vision project on Multi-Layered tracker like shown in television In TV, sometimes you can see that there are elliptical or circular tracker around soccer players. In my computer vision projects, I have changed Yolo v3 default single layer rectangular tracker to modified multi-layered elliptical tracker at the lower part of the soccer players. It will also detect the soccer ball with the multi-layered circular tracker.
Helloworld This is Simple program for the beginner to say "Hello world"
Add Given Numbers It will add the given numbers.