Scenario Setup
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Starting Tags

These Tags will be created when the Scenario starts.
They can be used to determine what the Scenario will do initially, by triggering the first Rules. They can also be used to set parameters that influence the behavior of programs or of Elody itself.
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Special treatment of individual developers

If true, only use rules that are explicitly marked as trusted or that belong to explicitly trusted Users.
Elody normally uses the ratings of Rules to choose whether or not to use them.
You can give special treatment to all Rules of particular developers here, so that their Rules always get used, or always get ignored, regardless of their ratings.
(This allows you to let users test your code, before you get enough positive ratings that Elody starts trusting your code.)
You can also give those developers internet access here, so that the enduser does not have to give permission explicitly every time a program requires internet access.
None selected.
Just like you can give special treatment to all Rules of a developers, you can give special treatment to individual Rules here.
(This is useful for debugging and testing new Rules.)
None selected.