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Name Version Rating Creator Description Active
Enable-hierarchy-for-task-selection-root-miscellaneous 13 - initial_tools React to [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_root]]. Provide an Option to list all the miscellaneous features. Yes
Enable-hierarchy-for-task-selection-root-datascience 13 - initial_tools React to [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_root]]. Provide an Option to list all the datascience features. Yes
Disable-hierarchy-for-task-selection-when-task-is-chosen 14 - initial_tools If a task_ has been defined, nullifies [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_currently_active]]. Also deactivates [[rule:Enable-hierarchy-for-task-selection-root]] and the Option created by it. This ensures that the hierarchy of features is no longer displayed to the user when there already is a task_ being worked on. Yes
Enable-hierarchy-for-task-selection-root 14 - initial_tools When a new Scenario starts, create a [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_root]]. This kicks off the mechanism by which users can manually select a Program they are interested in from a hierarchical grouping of all Programs. Yes
Demo-data-exploration-additional-info 5 - This works alongside [[rule:Demo-data-exploration]] and generates additional informative messages for the user. Yes
Demo-file-conversions 7 - This Rule creates Tags that the [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_currently_active]] and related tasks. It uses [[symbol:]] to present several options for the user to choose from, all about converting files. Yes
Enrich-convert-excel-to-pandas-dataframe-with-possible-chaining 9 - initial_tools React to a [[symbol:task_convert_file_type]] with a [[symbol:require_format_pickled_pandas_dataframe]]. If the file targeted by the [[symbol:require_format_pickled_pandas_dataframe]] is of type Excel (file ending .xlsx), runs [[program:Enrich_Convert_Excel_to_Pandas_Dataframe]] on it. Otherwise creates a [[symbol:require_format_excel]] and waits until it is solved. In this way, multiple file conversions can be chained together automatically if necessary. Note: The three Rules [[rule:Enrich-convert-csv-to-excel-with-possible-chaining]], [[rule:Enrich-convert-excel-to-pandas-dataframe-with-possible-chaining]] and [[rule:Enrich-convert-pandas-dataframe-to-csv-with-possible-chaining]] were designed together and can automatically trigger each other in a circular fashion, so that any of the three datatypes can be converted into any of the other two. (A note for new developers joining LOD: the ability to chain different conversions together automatically is a fairly advanced feature,... Yes
Demo-data-exploration-import-preexisting-analysis 5 - This Rule is similar to [[rule:Demo-data-exploration]] but simpler. It asks the user to import a [[symbol:export_data_exploration_pandas]] object, then creates a [[symbol:task_explore_data_for_pandas]] on it. Yes
Interact-get-user-feedback 1 - Reacts to [[rule:task_get_user_feedback]] and calls [[program:InteractGetUserFeedback]]. Yes
Demo-data-exploration-get-user-feedback-at-end 1 - Reacts to [[rule:Demo-data-exploration]] and creates [[symbol:task_get_user_feedback]] when the analysis is done. Yes