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Name Version Rating Creator Description Active
Demo-data-exploration-restrict-analysis-in-stages 11 - This Rule works with [[rule:Demo-data-exploration]] and uses... Yes
Demo-data-exploration 25 - This starts Rule a major series of tasks, each dependent on each other. The purpose of this Rule is... Yes
Demo-data-exploration-export-analysis 7 - Reacts to [[rule:Demo-data-exploration]] and stores the result of the analysis, for later import. Yes
Demo-data-exploration-skip-analysis 1 - If [[symbol:demo_data_exploration_skip_analysis]] is set, reacts to [[rule:Demo-data-exploration]]... Yes
Demo-data-exploration-import-analysis 2 - Reacts to [[rule:Demo-data-exploration]] and offers to import an existing analysis when... Yes
Present-basic-info-on-table-for-pandas-when-required 3 - Reacts to a [[symbol:task_present_table_for_pandas]] by calling... Yes
Demo-data-exploration-using-example-file 16 average of 5.00 from 1 users This works alongside [[rule:Demo-data-exploration]] and offers the use of... Yes
Demo-test-internet 5 - This Rule exists to test that internet access from within html message_components and by Programs is... Yes
Recognize-task-hierarchy-conversion-offer-conversion-to-pickled-pandas-dataframe 5 - initial_tools When [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_root_miscellaneous_conversion]] is active, offer an... Yes
Recognize-task-hierarchy-conversion-offer-conversion-to-excel 5 - initial_tools When [[symbol:hierarchy_for_task_selection_root_miscellaneous_conversion]] is active, offer an... Yes