Program: BasicDataCleansingAndAnalysisForPandas
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Name: BasicDataCleansingAndAnalysisForPandas

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Version: 1 (development)

Newest release version: Version 57

Newest release or development version: Version 57


This program is called by Do-basics-for-task-data-cleansing-and-analysis-for-pandas to perform basics data cleansing and analysis on task_data_cleansing_and_analysis_for_pandas.

option_to_modify_table is used to mark all of the Options generated by this Program.

theTask : A task_data_cleansing_and_analysis_for_pandas Tag.
theFile : the file to look at.

-If no header is set yet in the pandas file and the first line is all strings, the first line is extracted as a header
-Based on a look at the table, generates a number of TableModifications and publishes an Option and a option_to_modify_table for each of them.
-If at least one TableModification was created, also creates an Option that says 'continue without making changes' and auto-executes when there are no changes left. It calls this program again. In this way, once the first set of modifications has been decided on, the program is run again to perform those modifications and can then offer another batch of modifications if necessary.
-When this program runs again, it checks if there are any option_to_modify_table Tags that were created by this Program and that have been marked as accepted since the last time this Program was run. If there are, it executes the corresponding TableModifications.

ID: 62

Created: Jan. 10, 2019, 10:16 p.m.

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Source code: Run the following command in a terminal to download the source code: 'lod-tools download-program -f <destination_folder> --name "BasicDataCleansingAndAnalysisForPandas" --version 1'

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