Program: Enrich_Convert_CSV_to_Excel
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Name: Enrich_Convert_CSV_to_Excel

Version: 1

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Creator: initial_tools

This program takes a file under the parameter name \"input_file\".
It treats that file as a CSV file and converts it into an Excel file.

The three programs Enrich_Convert_Excel_to_Pandas_Dataframe, Enrich_Convert_CSV_to_Excel and Enrich_Convert_Pandas_Dataframe_to_CSV are circular and are called by corresponding rules.

This conversion is very simple:
It does not attempt to clean anything and makes naive assumptions about file formats. It also can't handle quoted strings or dates.

(A note for new developers joining LOD: This Program is not very good. It was written because something is better than nothing. You are invited to write better alternatives if you encounter any errors.)

ID: 48

Created: Sept. 27, 2018, 3:16 p.m.

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Source code: Run the following command in a terminal to download the source code: 'lod-tools download-program -f <destination_folder> --name "Enrich_Convert_CSV_to_Excel" --version 1'

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