Program: Convert_python_pandas_timeseries_to_simplistic_csv
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Name: Convert_python_pandas_timeseries_to_simplistic_csv

Version: 5

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Creator: tutorial_developer_improved

This Program is part of the tutorial.

This program takes a file under the parameter name \"pandas_timeseries_file\" that is of format format_is_python_pandas_pickle_dataframe.

It attempts to transform this into a file of format format_is_csv with format_csv_has_header with weight=0. I.e., the output file is simply a text file of a single list of numbers that can be treated as a timeseries of equally spaced elements.

This program can fail if the conversion is not possible, for example because the timeseries has unevenly spaced elements.

ID: 44

Created: Sept. 27, 2018, 3:15 p.m.

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