Program: PresentBasicInfoOnTableForPandas
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Name: PresentBasicInfoOnTableForPandas

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Version: 47 (release)

Newest release version: This is the newest release version of this Program.

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Creator: Florian_Dietz

For a task_present_table_for_pandas, checks all require_present_table_main_info, require_present_table_column_info and require_present_table_geographical_location on it and creates an Option for each of these that will create a Message to the user describing the file/the column and mark the require_ Tag with !provide.

theTask : a task_present_table_for_pandas
theFile : the file object to work on

Notes about the geographical visualization:

-This map visualization is FREE, but Google charges for each address lookup, so we don't allow more than a few addresses at once and only a limited number of times a day, across all users. We will enable visualization for more data once we have implemented a payment method. If you don't want to wait that long, or don't want to pay money, feel free to upload an alternative to this visualization. Maybe you can make something that is free to use using OpenStreetMaps?

-If require_present_table_geographical_location uses info_geographic_coordinate_column_pair, this program only works for the format 'web-mercator:dd' and ignores other formats.

ID: 294

Created: July 7, 2019, 11:42 a.m.

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Source code: Run the following command in a terminal to download the source code: 'lod-tools download-program -f <destination_folder> --name "PresentBasicInfoOnTableForPandas" --version 47'

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