Program: VisualizeTimeseriesForPandas
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Name: VisualizeTimeseriesForPandas

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Version: 7 (release)

Newest release version: This is the newest release version of this Program.

Newest release or development version: This is the newest version of this Program.

Creator: Florian_Dietz

Creates a graph of a timeseries for a pandas file that has been analyzed by task_data_cleansing_and_analysis_for_pandas.

This Program is designed to visualize timeseries for whole days, not for dates with time components. The visualization will look bad if there are time components. It also can not display dates or timedeltas on the y-axis, only numbers. If you want to improve this program so it can support these additional datatypes, feel free to do so!

If this program is called with only the file but without a choice of parameters, it will create an Option that asks the user to choose parameters, then calls this program again.

If this program is called with parameters, it does two things:
-It creates an Option that will auto-execute and show the visualization.
-It creates a pandas file containing a dataframe with two columns, which are the content of the graph. If you have a better way to visualize the graph, you can deactivate the Option and just use this file.

theRequirement : A require_ Tag that acts as a self-destruction condition for Options generated by this Program.
theFile : The file object to work on
theModifiableFileTag : A modifiable_file Tag marking theFile. This and the column Tags on it are used to determine which columns are suitable for which tasks.
theParameterFile : A file containing parameters selected by the user. If these are not provided, this Program will create an Option to ask for them.

ID: 282

Created: April 9, 2019, 5:16 p.m.

Docker Image:

Source code: Run the following command in a terminal to download the source code: 'lod-tools download-program -f <destination_folder> --name "VisualizeTimeseriesForPandas" --version 7'

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Version 7 (release)

Version 6 (release)

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