Program: Enrich_Convert_CSV_to_Pandas_Dataframe
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Name: Enrich_Convert_CSV_to_Pandas_Dataframe

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Version: 3 (release)

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Creator: initial_tools

This program takes a file under the parameter name \"input_file\".
It treats that file as a CSV file and converts it into a pickled Pandas Dataframe file.

This program was added after the following programs, to speed things up a bit because it turned out that the conversion CSV->Pandas needed to be fast and so couldn't take two steps:

This conversion uses standard Pandas functions for parsing a CSV file and performs no modifications whatsoever, loading the file in the most naive way. In particular, headers are not recognized as headers and are left as part of the DataFrame.

(A note for new developers joining LOD: This Program is not very good. It was written because something is better than nothing. You are invited to write better alternatives if you encounter any errors.)

ID: 276

Created: April 9, 2019, 4:57 p.m.

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