Program: Extract_timeseries_from_simple_file
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Name: Extract_timeseries_from_simple_file

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Version: 10 (release)

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Creator: tutorial_developer_basic

This Program is part of the tutorial.

This program takes a file under the parameter name \"raw_timeseries_file\" and attempts to extract a timeseries from it that is properly formatted and cleaned to be suitable for further use by machine learning algorithms.

This is set up in such a way that multiple interpretations of the file can be returned, each of which receives a timeseries_extracted_from_file Tag as well as format_csv_has_header and format_csv_has_header Tags.

However, this Program is very simple and only works if the file it receives is already in a simple CSV format, so all it really does is check if the file has the correct format, then apply Tags indicating that format. It also generates only a single interpretation of the file, which is just the entire timeseries in the file.

ID: 265

Created: April 9, 2019, 4:56 p.m.

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