Program: Interact_ask_user_if_they_want_file_conversion
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Name: Interact_ask_user_if_they_want_file_conversion

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Version: 5 (release)

Newest release version: Version 7

Newest release or development version: Version 7

Creator: initial_tools

This Program will ask the user if they want to start a new task_convert_file_type.

If the user selects this option, it creates an appropriate task, and once the task is solved it takes the converted file and presents it to the user for download.

The particulars of the task_convert_file_type depend on the parameters with which this program is called:
-the_file : this argument should be the file to convert.
The other arguments should each be a Tag with a comment (the symbol and weight don't matter). The comment is used by this Program:
-symbol_name_of_require_tag : The name/symbol of the tag that should be used as the primary requirement of the task_convert_file_type.
-readable_name : The file type as a human-readable word, to be used in a message.
-matching_file_endings : A list of possible file endings, separated by pipes (|). This is used for one simple check: if the file already has one of the matching file endings, no conversion is necessary and the task is marked as completed right away.

This Program was originally written to work with the following Rules and Symbols, but can be easily extended for other file formats:

ID: 107

Created: Feb. 6, 2019, 11:02 p.m.

Docker Image: This program has been deleted. Its Docker Image is no longer available.

Source code: This program has been deleted. Its source code is not available for download.

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