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Name Version Rating Creator Description
Demo_jupyter_integration_multiple 10 (release) - ELC This example uses Elody with multiple Jupyter notebooks thanks to NBFlow In this example NBFlow is used to execute a pipe of Jupyter Notebooks. This is one of the most complex situations although in this case it is a toy problem.
Demo_jupyter_integration_lod 4 (release) - ELC This example uses Elody within Jupyter Users should import lod inside the notebook, it gives much more control over input/output. It aims single-notebook projects.
Demo_jupyter_integration 8 (release) - ELC This is the most basic example It targets those users who the process to be as transparent as possible and Elody is treated as a Black Box who writes the parameters in a json file and displays the contents of another json file.
DemoMaskRCNN 6 (release) - Florian_Dietz This program is based on the following Github project: which is released under the MIT license. It allows the user to detect objects in images.
DemoSherlock 6 (release) - Florian_Dietz This program is based on the following Github project: which is released under MIT license. It allows the user to find usernames across social networks.
PresentBasicInfoOnTableForPandas 47 (release) - Florian_Dietz For a [[symbol:task_present_table_for_pandas]], checks all [[symbol:require_present_table_main_info]], [[symbol:require_present_table_column_info]] and [[symbol:require_present_table_geographical_location]] on it and creates an Option for each of these that will create a Message to the user describing the file/the column and mark the require_ Tag with !provide. Arguments: theTask : a [[symbol:task_present_table_for_pandas]] theFile : the file object to work on Notes about the geographical visualization: -This map visualization is FREE, but Google charges for each address lookup, so we don't allow more than a few addresses at once and only a limited number of times a day, across all users. We will enable visualization for more data once we have implemented a payment method. If you don't want to wait that long, or don't want to pay money, feel free to upload an alternative to this visualization. Maybe you can make something that is free to use using OpenStreetMaps? -If...
BasicDataCleansingAndAnalysisForPandas 58 (release) - Florian_Dietz This program is called by [[rule:Do-basics-for-task-data-cleansing-and-analysis-for-pandas]] to perform basics data cleansing and analysis on [[symbol:task_data_cleansing_and_analysis_for_pandas]]. This program also acts as the central control unit to solve [[symbol:task_data_cleansing_and_analysis_for_pandas]]. --- Note: This program is part of the first real, practical example that was developed for Elody. It is deliberately overengineered to test boundaries. It is inefficient, but easily extensible by other contributors. --- This program executes multiple times. Every time it runs, it adds a number of Options and [[symbol:option_to_modify_table]] Tags (or none) and applies any changes from previously defined [[symbol:option_to_modify_table]] Tags that have been accepted in the meantime. If no changes were defined or applied and this isn't the first time the program executes, it will mark the [[symbol:require_open_ended_work]] with !provide. (This means that this program runs...
DemoDeutscheBahnPricingComparison 1 (release) - Florian_Dietz This Program is part of the tutorial. It exists to demonstrate a simple practical example for integrating an existing program into Elody. It is triggered by [[rule:Demo-Deutsche-Bahn-pricing-comparison]]. This program is based on the following Github project: which is released under GNU General Public License v3.0 It allows the user to visualize the pricing of Deutsche Bahn for a given route in the near future, which makes it easier to plan a cheap route.
DemoDataExplorationUsingExampleFile 31 (release) - Florian_Dietz This Program is run by [[rule:Demo-data-exploration-using-example-file]]. It generates two example files to test data exploration with. Both files have the same content. The first is a pickled pandas DataFrame, the second is a CSV file.
InteractGetUserFeedback 2 (release) - Florian_Dietz This Program handles a [[symbol:task_get_user_feedback]]. Arguments: theTask : A [[symbol:task_get_user_feedback]] Tag.