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Name Version Rating Creator Description
TestProgram 2 (release) - Florian_Dietz This Program is part of the tutorial. When this Program runs, it just prints a "Hello World!" Message.
InteractGpaAnalyser 2 (release) - This program aims to provide a means to mathematically analyse the GPAs of a group of studenst. Currently, it only has the following functionality: - mean: per_year or per student
EmailValidationAnindyaProgram 4 (release) - anindya A Program for validating email field.
TimeseriesTestProg 2 (release) - Demos use of progrmas with input parameters
ProgOne 1 (release) - Description file for trying out Elody
Opencv_program_1 18 (release) - This program is built with the idea of building layer by layer elliptical and circular tracker around human and football in picture or image file. this program is built by me and I have also uploaded the program to my github account at links - and . It allows the user to build an output image as multi-layered elliptical tracker around lower part of human and circular multi layered tracker around football using opencv python library, yolo-v3 weight file, yolo-v3 configuration file and yolo-v3 label names file. The output image or picture file is like shown in football or soccer video analysis in tv.
YoloInputSelector 12 (release) - No description given.
YoloObjectDetector 6 (release) - No description given.
YoloArgumentSelector 6 (release) - No description given.
AddNumbers 38 (release) - This Program for the beginner for adding numbers.