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General FAQ

What is the status of the website?
see here.
How do I use this website?

Simply start a Scenario and start typing what you want, as if you were talking to a chat bot.

You can start a Scenario either by clicking the "Solve a Problem" button at the top, or you can plan a Scenario for more control over what programs Elody will use.

In a Scenario, there is no formal criterion for what is or is not valid as input. It all just depends on whether or not any of the contributors have implemented rules that can understand what you are typing.

How can you be contacted?
Use this email: contact@elody.com

FAQ for Developers only

What kind of developers are you looking for?

We want to be a platform for everyone.

That means all developers are welcome, regardless of their skills, their focus areas or their views.

In particular, developers may keep their source code secret, or release it under a license of their choice and they may charge money for the use of their programs, or they may offer things for free.

The more people are working together, the more powerful the collective will be.

That said, a system that tries to do everything a little bit is not as powerful as one that tries to do something specific very well.

For this reason, challenges and incentives will be set to prioritize different fields at a time, although we fully intend to cover all type of software eventually.

For now, we would like to particularly encourage developers to upload programs used in Data Science, since this is an area of growing popularity and no cheap/free way to solve Data Science problems exists in the market today.

How can I earn money by contributing?

We are considering several different ways of paying developers for their efforts.

Currently under consideration are:

  • Directly charging money for the use of your programs per execution.
  • Indirectly charging money for the use of your programs by selling flatrated bundles together with similar programs.
  • Getting a share of Elody's advertisement money if your programs are popular enough.
  • Earning credits each time your programs are used, which can be used for special features and can be sold for money.
What benefits do early adopters have?

We are considering to give Stock in the company to the most productive early adopters.

Details are still being worked out.

Additionally, if you contribute your programs early you gain a first-mover advantage:

Since all programs become connected over time, as contributors add rules, earlier programs will be more tightly connected to each other than later ones and will therefore become popular faster.

Is this Open Source?

The website itself is not Open Source. However, individual programs may be.

We want to be the central platform for everyone, so it is up to the developer to choose the license they want to use.

When you upload a Program to Elody, you may give it any license you want. It's up to you.

Do I keep the rights to my code?

Yes. By uploading, you just grant us a license to use your code, but it still remains your code and you keep the copyright.

See our Software License Agreement for details.