Development Status
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Development Status

What is the status of the website?
This website is now freshly operational.
It is in Beta / a testing phase.
Expect things to break. Please tell us when they do, so that we can fix them.
Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated.
What are you working on?
We are currently gathering initial impressions from developers so we can narrow down what people want the most.
You can tell us about anything you would like to see in the forum.
What challenges are you dealing with?
Right now, this company is very small and the initial growth steps are critical. We are looking for cofounders / employees, and funding to help with this.
If you want to join us, look here.
If you want to invest in us, contact us at
We also have a plan to get investors through crowdfunding. We want to use a newly developer strategy for this, described in this article.