TL;DR - Software License Agreement for Contributors
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TL;DR - Software License Agreement for Contributors

  • You keep the rights to your software. You just grant us permission to use it.
  • You are free to choose any license for your software that you want. You can make it Open Source, or keep it private. By uploading you software to our servers you do however grant us the rights described here.
  • It's fine if someone uploads code with a copyleft license. This won't affect anyone else's code. Since Elody does not actually integrate the code into itself, but only runs it as an independent module when required, Elody does not count as a derivative work of the copyleft code.
  • The license you grant us is non-exclusive and non-transferable. I.e., you can also give your software to other people and we are not allowed to give your software to anyone else.
  • The only things we may use your software for are:
    • Run your software on our servers.
    • Run your software on an End-User's computer. This happens if they are using the lod-executor.
    • Verify that your software does not break any laws.
    • Make your software and its source code available to other users for inspection. This is needed to ensure that your programs do what you claim they do and do not pose a security risk.
  • You must make sure that you don't violate the licenses of any third-party content you use in your software. For example, you can't use any library that forbids commercial use in its license and then charge money for the use of your program.
  • If you do violate the rights of a third party, it's your responsibility to fix that mess, not ours.