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We are currently starting out. See our current development status here.

We are hiring and looking for cofounders! If you are interested, see here!

Elody is a Chatbot that can solve software problems

    Elody is built from software contributed by volunteers, similar to Wikipedia. She gets smarter the more developers contribute.

    Elody can solve any kind of software problem, so long as at least one developer uploaded a program to solve it.

    Initially, we want to focus on Data Science: Elody will learn to provide data analysis on demand, for free.

To learn how Elody can help you solve your problems, check the left half below.
If you are a developer, check the right half to learn how Elody works and how you can benefit from contributing.

Software Users

Solve complex software problems
quickly and easily

No technical knowledge needed

This video shows how easy it is!

Software Developers

Make sure your programs get used
by anyone who needs them

Get feedback and earn money

This video explains how!


What is Elody?

Elody is a collaborative AI built through crowdsourcing.
It is a collective intelligence built from many individual contributions.

Elody is a chatbot that can solve software problems.

Elody works even for informal problem descriptions and takes care of everything:

Search, execution and presentation are all automated, no download or installation is required.

(Note: This website is currently in a Beta testing phase. Not many programs are available yet and we can't guarantee that everything works properly just yet.)

Elody is a Gestalt AI, an Artificial Intelligence composed of many individual parts.

Elody is based on the contributions of the Legion of Devs, or LOD for short.

Upload your programs and Elody will make sure that they get used whenever they are needed.

Start using Elody!

Join the Legion of Devs!

How does it work?

No matter your problem, someone in the world probably already wrote a program to solve it.

Elody finds this program for you and runs it automatically.

When necessary, Elody can combine multiple programs from different developers.

Developers upload and integrate their programs into Elody using formal rules.

When users pose Elody a problem, she picks the appropriate programs to execute based on these rules.

Users and developers can rate programs and rules, which Elody uses to fine-tune her decisions.

Why should you use Elody to solve your problems?

Why should you contribute to the Legion of Devs?

Just describe your problem, and the solutions will appear. No download or installation necessary.
Make sure that your code is easy to discover and run, even for a layman user.
Create a link that lets people use your programs with just one click.
Easily choose from multiple programs from various developers.
Large network
Benefit from interactions with programs uploaded by other developers.
Free options
You can decide between free programs and paid access to premium programs.
Network with developers
Get in touch with developers for future collaborations or business.
Network with users
Get in touch with users for future collaborations or business.
Continuous improvement
Send feedback and suggestions for additional features directly to the developers responsible.
Just put your existing programs in a Docker container and add our library for I/O. All programming languages are supported.

Start using Elody!

Join the Legion of Devs!